Financial Services
June 19, 2012, 1:44:48 am

The financial services that SouthBIC offers are broad in spectrum; we help start-ups estimate their financial costs, and help existing companies better manage their cash flow process.  Our main focus is to provide help for start-up businesses with growth potential to succeed.


Given the fact that most of newly started companies go bankrupt due to lack of business experience, poor access to capital, inadequate marketing capacity, etc. within the first 3-5 years, even with exceptional products or potential One of SouthBIC’s principal tasks, therefore is to nurture and secure the survival of start-ups.


While trying to stay focused on the product, entrepreneurs often forget that it is essential for businesses of all sizes to keep track of their performance particularly their financials. Whether your business is self-funded, seeking investors or loans, accurate financial statements and financial analysis are a vital component of your success. Through our financial services, SouthBIC provide business owners with easy methods and show them how to manage their accounts and get the most out of their budget; as well as provide insight on:

  • Start-up Costs and Repayment Period
  • Cash Flow Management

More information: To inquire about financial services available, please call information desk on +961 7 725 948 or email

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