My Training Application Portal

Adam Obeid - Nabatieh Lebanon


Throughout the IPA2014 process the SouthBIC team showed a lot of passion and commitment in managing the competition opportunity. This made this first experience in competition innovation for RegTone almost fun.

With SouthBIC, the communication was always clear, the schedule was professionally met, and they "walked their talk".

We are happy to present the innovative project TAP (Training Application Portal), to share experience with professionals, and to feel as a member at SouthBIC family.
TAP is firstly offered to be applied at SouthBIC for coming education & training programs, aiming to share with RegTone the “Learning for All” principal human rights!

My Sewing Factory

Ahlam Hattab - Nabatieh Lebanon


SouthBIC ongoing support and guidness have fueled Manessa success as we have explored new dimensions and skills needed in our association development journey.

My Tissue Factory

Ali Abdallah - Saida Lebanon

I've been able to tap into a comprehensive level of support and benefit from a valuable depth of collective experience. Workshops, mentoring, and product development; plus I'm enjoying the great companionship and a real spirit of entrepreneurialism.

My Shampoo Plant

Samir Adawi - Saida Lebanon

When I first heard of SouthBIC I thought it was too good to be true. SouthBIC provides everything a small business start-up needs; office space, telephone access, Wi-Fi and helpful advice from on-site experts. The service and guidance are outstanding. My business is already successful and SouthBIC has provided me with a rock solid foundation to ensure it continues this way. I cannot thank the staff enough.
Setting up on your own can be daunting at first but SouthBIC has given me the support and encouragement I needed straight from the start. The facilities are excellent and I am surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs all striving to succeed thus creating a very positive working environment. The office space is well equipped and way better than working at home. SouthBIC has provided me with an excellent work environment, great guidance and motivation. I can’t be but grateful for all the services SouthBIC has offered me.

My Fruit Juice Business

Omar Meskawi - Saida Lebanon



It all started with just a simple idea. I was unemployed, and trying to get a job, so I was applying to several companies. One day, I got an idea to start a Fruit Juice business. I started reseraching and asking around, until I realised that there is an organization called South BIC in Saida that would help me in my business plan and provide me with guidance and office space.


I contacted South BIC directly and we set a meeting. Thats when everything started to work for my advantage. I was amazed how South Bic responded to my idea, how they endorsed me in several ways. Now, after being a resident incubatee for 1 full year at South Bic, I have my own small manufacturing facility and my business in running smoothly. Thank you South BIC team for every help you provided. 

An APP for Tourism in Lebanon

Rabih Jaradi - Nabatieh Lebanon



I couldn't have been where I am without you! 

I am a young Lebanese enterpreneur with a dream. My dream started small, and now my dream has turned out to be one of the most successful businesses in Lebanon. My initial idea was to create an APP for mobile smart phones, an APP that would be used by everyone, anywhere and everywhere. The idea was to create a touristic directory for all smart phone users, local and even tourists who come to Lebanon and want to see where to go, how to spend time, and what places and venues to visit. I rented out a virtual office at SouthBic, I received great support from the experts there. They even helped me wrap up a marketing plan and provided me with tools that I used to be where I am now. I am so grateful for you guys, again, without you, this wouldn't have come true.



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